Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dawn at Kantale Reservoir.

Kantale reservoir was built by King Agbo-II in the 5th century. It can be reached along Kandy-Trincomalee Road (A6 highway) 45 kilometers from Habarana.

Kantale Reservoir spreads over 3,500 hectares, and holds water from River Mahaweli. It is surrounded by huge forest reserves, and also considered as an IBA (Important Bird Area).

At the dawn, scenery around Kantale reservoir is refreshing and full of vibrant colour. The clean, carpeted road runs over Kantale reservoir bund.

Fishing canoes are out for the morning's catch. Eagles circle over the water looking for prey. People, riding bicycles are out for work. A grand statue of King Agbo-II overlooks everything.

(Special thanks to my friend Janaka Jayanatha.)