Friday, November 1, 2013

HOT SAND: An Adventurous Time in Saudi Arabia.

Welcome back friends!

This time I'm writing, not something about Sri Lanka especially. It is about the book I started writing in 2004 while I was in Saudi Arabia, and finished in Sri Lanka in 2011. Saudi Arabia is a world of extremes. There you can see luxurious life and instant death, sandstorms and bitter cold, loud-mouthed but soft-hearted people, and mobile phones having Islamic prayers for the ringtone and pornography in the memory card! You'll see tall and fat Saudis growling, "Ya habibi, kaif'al haal?" (My dearest friend, how are you?). Saudi Arabia is a big stretch of fine sand which is heated in the furnace of the sun. I named the book, "Hot Sand" and published it recently as an eBook exclusively for Amazon Kindle eBook Reader.
Hot Sand is all about the life of foreign workers, especially the Southeast Asians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Going to Saudi Arabia never sounds fun. But I was lucky to be a software engineer, a job considered to be of higher status, so that I got enough facilities and ample free time to travel around. I had the chance of meeting various people of different trades, belonging to different societies and coming from different countries. They were mostly from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, where Indians only have vast differences from State to State from North to South.

My good Indian friends Hasnain and Irshad were behind 80 percent of this book. I mostly traveled with Hasnain. They taught me Urdu, a quantity of Islam, and guided me on living in that land of extremes. With my experiences and experiments I learned to live with people of all nationalities without making any of them feel that I am a foreigner.

I use my name as Mohan Dharmaratne for the books. Hot Sand contains the fun and adventure of a Sri Lankan along with the narratives of the history of Saudi Arabia, and the customs of the Saudis.

You can read Hot Sand online for free at Amazon Kindle eBook Store. I would appreciate your comments and reviews on the book.